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Wilhelm Velten - CEO
Derenik Grigorian - COO
Götz Hellenschmidt - Managing Director
Alexander Bender - Managing Director
Stefan Markwitz - Managing Director
Managing Director

“DIAMOS sets the course for growth, as customer and market proximity continue to be top priority.”

Wilhelm Velten, Chairman of the Board of Directors/CEO of DIAMOS AG

“Nothing is more constant than change.” In our fast-moving times, this pearl of wisdom – sometimes attributed to the Greek Heraclitus (c. 500 BC) and at other times to the Englishman Charles Darwin (1809 - 1882) – rings truer than ever before. It applies particularly to the digital world, where DIAMOS has been operating and offering its services for over 30 years.

But it is not only new regulatory requirements that drive change. Above all, we are spurred on by a desire to offer each customer the best pro-active solution, individually tailored to his or her requirements - because at DIAMOS customer and market proximity have utmost priority.

The challenges and requirements of our users, along with market demands, have always been at the core of our product development. Starting out in the back office area, we increasingly expanded our range of process solutions towards middle and front office solutions. This makes us a competent and reliable partner that is able to offer value added services to our customers spanning almost the entire investment management value chain.

Our existing solutions reflect this, including DIAMOS-D - the leading retail investor account management application in Germany - which is currently being used on mobile devices by its first customers. And it shows in other ongoing developments like the growing internationalisation and expansion of our fund administration software DIAMOS-F into alternative investment funds – most notably property funds.

DIAMOS’ philosophy is founded on long-term partnerships. And now DIAMOS has set the course for further growth in order to continue being the kind of partner that our existing and future customers can rely on at any time.

With this in mind, we implemented organisational changes within the company last year, and have now concluded them by establishing a new leadership team. The new leadership team promotes growth and change. And since customer and market proximity takes priority, we are consciously driving change onward by recruiting additional qualified staff from within the IT and financial sectors.

I am confident that during the course of the year, total staff numbers will reach the 100 mark for the first time in DIAMOS’ history, and I look forward to interesting new people, stimulating conversations and exciting developments.

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