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Ulrich Friedemann
Wolfram Schinnerling

„DIAMOS continues to grow.“

Strenuous but successful years are behind us, but we are still far from tired: we have successfully implemented MiFID and the investment tax reform, and now the next exciting challenges are just around the corner.

For 35 years we have been living customer and market proximity each day anew, because it is our endeavor to proactively offer our customers the best solution, individually tailored to their needs. Or, to put it simply: we do not see ourselves as a service provider, but as a long-term partner. For us, success means achieving goals together!

Our focus continues to be on expanding our customer base and, of course, on building upon the relationships with our existing customers. Thanks to our innovative strength and continuous discussions with customers, interested parties and market participants, we are constantly working on our answers to the requirements arising from digitization, automation and the use of artificial intelligence.

In order to always be prepared for these requirements, we will continue to intensively expand our strong team in 2019. In addition to searching for further service providers, we will launch the "DIAMOS-YoungTalents" initiative this summer, a training program in which we train young talents as future specialists in the areas of administration, application development and finance & controlling.

But we are not only expanding our workforce - our products are also continuing to develop positively. Our solution for investment account management, DIAMOS-D, remains the market-leading system solution. DIAMOS-F and DIAMOS-CeF are constantly evolving due to increasing requirements and our many specific modules are also being optimized and expanded. With DIAMOS-AI we have created a completely new platform to meet the need for a uniform system landscape marked by digitization.

I am sure that we will continue to write our success story. I am also looking forward to new interesting people, stimulating discussions and exciting developments! Of course, these developments require courage, but don't forget what Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach said: "If you stop wanting to improve, you stop being good".

Wilhelm Velten,
Executive Board/CEO of DIAMOS AG

DIAMOS continues to grow.

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Wilhelm Velten
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