DIAMOS – Your Partner for Investment Management Software Solutions & Services

DIAMOS has been providing the investment management industry with standard software solutions and services since 1984. We are well aware of the extensive and complex challenges you are constantly facing due to new legislations, audit requirements, market developments and short technology cycles. As software and services partner, we supply the support you need to focus on your core business. From a single module to an integrated solution for the administration of funds, alternative investments, retail investment accounts, shares and shareholders – we provide you with flexible and reliable solutions along the entire investment management value chain. Our services are aligned to meet your unique requirements and range from efficient system implementations to streamlining your business operations through our certified data processing center.

1984: DIAMOS GmbH is founded
1986: DIAMOS-F, our solution for fund administration is launched

DIAMOS-D, our transfer agency solution and today´s leading retail investor account management application in Germany, is launched
1993: DIAMOS-D is launched in Luxembourg
2002: Change of legal form to DIAMOS AG
2002 - 2004: The entire DIAMOS product portfolio is relaunched, based on the state of the art, future-proof DIAMOS system platform
2006 - 2007: The DIAMOS data processing center services (ASP / SaaS) are launched
2008: DIAMOS-F is launched in Liechtenstein Introduction and enhancement of our modular solutions including DIAMOS Reconciliation and DIAMOS TransactionManagement
2009: DIAMOS CeF, share & shareholder registry management for closed-end funds is launched
2010: DIAMOS-F is launched in Austria / Enhancement of  our functional spectrum for custodians / Enhancement of DIAMOS FeeManagement
2011: Our subsidiaries DIAMOS Suisse AG and DIAMOS Luxembourg S.A. are founded
DIAMOS-F is launched in Switzerland and Luxembourg / Enhancement of DIAMOS CommissionManagement
2012: MyDIAMOS is launched - our extranet platform for DIAMOS' users
2013: Comprehensive preparation for upcoming regulatory requirements - e.g. AIFMD and SEPA / DIAMOS FundControl is launched, our solution for fund oversight and delegation control / DIAMOS-F is enhanced by new wealth management functions / New DIAMOS process analysis services are launched
2014: DIAMOS CashMonitoring is launched, our solution for cash flow monitoring requirements according to the AIFMD Level 2 Regulation
2015: Introduction of DIAMOS RealEstate, our integrated fund administration solution / Implementation of DIAMOS CaseManagement - comprehensive process administration / Implementation of DIAMOS-F as system platform for central fund management services for international active customers
2016: Launch of the DIAMOS best practice solution for depositories / Partnership with SynoFin Risikomanagement Service AG
2017: Launch of DIAMOS-AI - our integrated solution to managing alternative investments

Since the very beginning, DIAMOS has been developing and enhancing its products in Germany under highest quality standards and with keen perception of the challenges the investment management industry faces.

Our international activities are carried out in close collaboration with leading audit firms and established industry experts within the respective marketplaces to provide efficient and reliable fulfillment of regulatory and market-specific requirements.

We take pride in our prompt and efficient decision-making processes and provide customized on-site support. Our dedicated consulting and implementation teams work from our headquarters, our office in Hof and our subsidiaries in Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Besides our management team, it is in essence our employees who contribute to the ongoing development and improvement of DIAMOS´ expertise. They provide exceptional achievements and competency and reflect our approach of a close relationship with our customers and the markets in which we operate.

Business experts from leading organizations within the IT- and investment industries supported by professionals with backgrounds in law, project management and consulting work for and with our customers to optimize DIAMOS´ products and services constantly.

You can benefit from our broad pool of expertise through the use of our systems and services, which are designed to assist you throughout the life cycle of your software acquisition, to ongoing system maintenance and technical and functional support.

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