Individual Solutions for individual Customers

Understanding the challenges and requirements our customers face has always been our top priority. Our product development strategy is aligned to meet these challenges. As software and service partner to the investment management industry we provide solutions for fund supermarkets, large and small investment / management companies, banks, custodians / depositories, fund promoters and other financial services companies.

Our tailored customer support and on-site services play a key role in this context and are provided by our service centers in Germany as well as by our subsidiaries in Luxembourg and Switzerland.

DIAMOS' users benefit from all the advantages of a standard software solution plus extensive coverage of unique requirements. We cater to the different requirements of various business models and provide solutions tailored to individual budgets and stages of development. As diverse as these needs can be, our product and services concept and licensable modules are flexibly aligned to provide you with the exact fit you need.

Our products are also flexible across multiple jurisdictions. Together with leading audit firms and industry experts, we provide reliable coverage of country-specific regulatory requirements including those of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. Additionaly we are fully equipped to expand our activities to additional jurisdictions.

Customers streamlining their operations through our data processing center can equally rely on compliance with  required guidelines and maximum security standards.

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