Alternative investments in Depot-A: S+ version of DIAMOS-AI as solution for savings banks

Sulzbach, 06/21/18 00:00 Age: 2 Jahre

Depot-A investors in the savings bank sector are turning to DIAMOS-AI version S+ as the leading solution for managing their alternative investments

As part of their own investment holdings (Depot-A), savings banks inter alia manage shares in special funds of various asset managers, which focus on investments in asset classes including real estate, private equity, private debt and infrastructure.

Traditionally, the exchange of information between investors and asset managers for alternative investments is very document intensive and, so far, uniform standards regarding the content provided or a uniform data exchange format have hardly been enforced in the market. The asset manager's information, however, forms the basis for a range of cross-departmental follow-up processes, such as regulatory reporting, determining the risk-bearing capacity of the institution, as well as managing the strategic asset allocation. In addition, the consolidation of alternative investments is becoming increasingly important for strategic performance and capital planning.

Given the growing regulatory requirements for risk management, but also data management, savings banks are subject to increasing demands on their processes concerning the data exchange with asset managers. DIAMOS-AI S+ is offering comprehensive standards in the communication with external partners, as well as the automation of these processes, thus replacing time-consuming and costly manual efforts.

As such, an essential component of DIAMOS-AI S+ is the digitisation of data exchange between asset managers and savings banks. In addition to offering the transfer and central storage of documents, this includes standardised interfaces for capital calls and distribution, as well as forecast data for all alternative investment funds (AIFs). For data delivery relating to real estate funds, the BVI-data exchange standard between real estate target funds and fund-of-funds is fully supported. DIAMOS-AI S+  is thus available to all relevant actors within the savings bank as a central information and administration platform for alternative investments.

Regulatory reporting is also based on the harmonisation of data supply, which among other things includes capital requirements (CRSA), allowances for deductible equity items and open foreign currency positions, and makes results available for preparing the reporting system across the entire bank. The verification of data in terms of overall bank management is therefore greatly enhanced. Additionally, data is archived and stored securely for revision.

As part of the ongoing risk-bearing capacity assessment of the institution, DIAMOS-AI supports a wide range of risk types in the context of alternative investments through an integrated risk identification process. Using a "look-through" approach across several holding levels all the way up to asset level, risks can be determined and evaluated. Combined with the supplied forecast data, it is possible to determine an effective risk-bearing capacity evaluation over a typical 12-month period.

To ensure a seamless implementation and the straightforward use within the savings banks environment, DIAMOS-AI Version S+ can be accessed directly via an internet connection from the saving bank's network.

"The modular components of DIAMOS-AI allow us to respond quickly to new, customer-specific demands and offer individually tailored solutions in a short space of time", emphasises Domingo Santos Marañon, Managing Director at DIAMOS AG. "The fact that the solution is operated entirely from our data processing center and offers access from anywhere at all times via a web application, accentuates DIAMOS as a full service provider - undoubtedly one of the many reason for choosing DIAMOS."

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