Close to its customers - fund administration solution DIAMOS-F has a new release

Sulzbach, 03/14/18 00:00 Age: 2 Jahre

"We have implemented many enhancements that will help our clients save substantial amounts of time in their daily work and will result in considerable efficiency gains", says Ralf Gutensohn, Manager of Product Design/Product Owner DIAMOS-F, highlighting the benefits of the innovative changes made to the fund administration solution DIAMOS-F. As an example, he cites the introduction of new filter criteria for information research - a particularly important feature in times of steadily rising data volumes. In order to further develop the core area of fund accounting, DIAMOS put together an ambitious service package that, among others, includes improvements in evaluating funds, applying booking rules, displaying turnover and order books, as well as improvements in the master data, prices and bookings areas.

The new software release also features numerous tangible functional additions - requirements for securing data are extremely high in the world of finance. Matching data from different sources in this field is what is called "reconciliation”. For years, DIAMOS-F has supported this complex technological challenge with several solution packages. On top of the existing reconciliation modules (portfolio comparisons, cash reconciliation, NAV validation, volume comparison), Release 1.23 adds a complete new module - that of data reconciliation, which enables the reconciliation of any data selected across different funds. This module is particularly useful for reconciling master data from securities and derivatives, but can also be conveniently applied to comparing share prices. As is usual with other modules, the rules for reconciliation can be freely configured. Together with the ability to draw on diverse sets of data for comparison, the new data reconciliation module is highly flexible and can be applied to a wide range of purposes.

Another core domain of DIAMOS-F, the fee calculation, has also been enhanced with important functional upgrades. The function library of the formula editor has been further extended. Technical users can use the formula editor to define their own calculation algorithms for fund fees. In particular, DIAMOS aims to map complex success-related fees, the so-called performance fees. Using the formula editor, one can implement supervisory and regulatory parameters, like the BaFin standard clauses, as well as individually structured contractual fee models.

The new release has integrated inputs from users, as well as experiences from the support department, suggestions from the development team and, last but not least, from product management. "For all our product lines, it is important to understand user requirements and on this basis permanently optimize our range of functionalities and the user-friendliness of our software", highlights Domingo Santos Marañón, Managing Director Product Management at DIAMOS AG. He adds that "with DIAMOS-F Release 1.23 we have consistently pursued these aspirations."

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