DIAMOS Launches Release 1.26 of Fund Management Solution DIAMOS-F

Sulzbach, 04/11/19 12:10 Age: 1 Jahre

The new release 1.26 of the fund management software DIAMOS-F brings many new features: further technical developments, functional enhancements and a higher level of automation!

Growing regulation and ever-increasing supervisory requirements exert immense influence on the day-to-day events in many financial institutions. Add to this continued cost pressure fueled by low interest rates, which expresses itself in the endeavor to automate processes and improve control mechanisms.

"With the new release 1.26 we have made versatile enhancements, as well as optimizations of existing processes. Strictly speaking, this includes fund accounting, as well as the components of reconciliation and investment compliance monitoring!” emphasizes Ralf Gutensohn, Head of Product Management DIAMOS-F.

One aspect is to process differences from holdings reconciliation across funds (ie, multi-fund), if these are due to the same cause. The user is thus offered an optimized, time-saving processing option, and, with the time saved he can concentrate on his main tasks.

Furthermore, the functionalities of the investment compliance monitoring have been significantly expanded. For example, you can branch directly into the corresponding master data from the result of the investment compliance monitoring. This gives the user insight into the information used. On the other hand, all uses of a field in the system can be displayed via referencing, in order to recognize where this field is taken into account. For example, you can see the effect of changing a manual field. This implementation was based on explicit customer feedback, who always give very good input for the further development of the DIAMOS-F product.

The new reporting already introduced with the previous release was also pushed ahead. "In the future, DIAMOS-F will offer a large number of additional, new selection options in the domain of report generation, which optimally complement the use of the modern, attractive layout," continues Gutensohn. "With the new graphics-supported reports, our customers can score with their customers, and gain a competitive ledge."

"Proactive and continuous development together with, and above all, for our customers, is not only the focus of this release," points out Domingo Santos Marañón, Managing Director Product Management at DIAMOS AG. In particular, he highlights the versatile themes of the changes, which are reflected in the new software version. Santos continues to anticipate further changes in the financial sector and its environment: "Certainly, this will not be the end of procedural adjustments driven by regulations, regulatory requirements and cost considerations. But the industry continues to be highly innovative - just like DIAMOS."

DIAMOS has been one of the leading German providers of standard software solutions and services to the investment management industry since 1984. The DIAMOS product portfolio is based on a modern, future-proof system platform and offers flexible and expandable systems that, depending on requirements, can provide integrated solutions or single modules. DIAMOS solutions offer an efficient administration of funds, alternative investment products, retail investment accounts and shareholdings, and support extensive process automation along the entire investment management value chain. The service portfolio includes products for fund accounting, investment compliance, transaction and order management, reconciliation, fee administration, commission management, as well as transfer agency. Additionally, DIAMOS offers comprehensive advisory and support services. All products can be made available as ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) and ‘Application Service Providing’ (ASP) solutions via DIAMOS’ ISAE 3402 type 2 certified data processing centre. Leading fund platforms, investment / fund / management companies, custodians / depositories, banks and other financial companies – all value and rely on DIAMOS’ products and services. With its headquarters and a branch office in Germany, DIAMOS is further represented by subsidiary companies in Luxembourg and Switzerland.

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