DIAMOS launches solution for management of alternative investments

Sulzbach, 08/29/17 00:00 Age: 3 Jahre

Driven in particular by the search for new performance sources, the market for alternative investments (AI) is gaining in importance. Many market participants are focusing on real-estate as a popular asset and investment vehicle, followed by private equity and investments into infrastructure, renewable energy and debt. Investor requirements and regulatory specifications along with the steadily advancing digitization demand new and optimized processes.

"We perceive the greatest challenge in the market to be the development of uniform and inter-connected process chains that will cleanly and systematically connect third parties beyond company boundaries", states Derenik Grigorian, COO of DIAMOS AG. The main issues that have to be solved include the inconsistent system and process landscapes, the large number of existing heterogeneous sets of data, as well as the fact that existing solutions often only allow for a one dimensional perspective of assets - that of investment or management item.

Domingo Santos Marañón, Managing Director for Product Management at DIAMOS AG is delighted to announce that "with DIAMOS-AI we have created a central solution for the management and administration of alternative investments. The modular components enable each client to license their module into their personal complete solution exactly as required and thus map their currently fragmented workflows in one system that optimizes costs and benefits."

DIAMOS-AI can be used independent of investment structures and creates comprehensive workflows - including front-to-back. In this way, the complete life-cycle of an asset, with all the necessary information and relevant transactions, will be modelled in one system. The huge additional benefit of the DIAMOS solution, however, is that it allows for different perspectives on uniform data. DIAMOS-AI is capable to adopt the point of view of an asset manager, as well as that of a capital management company or a custodian, and supply the respective relevant information and functionalities - across asset ranges.

Other advantages of the web-based and agile application are its modular components, standardized import and export interfaces, as well as modern software architecture and up-to-date software stack. DIAMOS-AI allows for the fast access to relevant data, flexible reporting as well as evaluations on the level of the target investment or at portfolio level taking into account shareholder structures.

Find out more details about DIAMOS-AI on the web and get access to a 14-day trial version under:

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