Alternative Investments with DIAMOS

Investment models and shareholders require professional management

Alternative investments have become an increasingly popular topic within the asset management industry over the past years. The situation surrounding stocks, bonds and money market instruments has brought forth enhanced focus on alternative asset classes. And last but not least the topic has also gained relevance through media coverage of the AIFMD - Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive.

DIAMOS has been focusing on alternative investments for a quite a while now and provides appropriate product and service solutions catering to the different requirements.

Here are some examples:

About two years ago, the "Service-KAG" HANSAINVEST launched a gold fund, of which 30% is physically held and which needed to be managed within the DIAMOS fund administration system. This challenge was quickly and reliably accomplished due to the flexibility and adaptability of the DIAMOS application. A new asset category was established and customized to manage commodities. The solution supports the required reporting functionalities as well as the accrual accounting. Through our approach, the financial asset commodities were quickly and simply integrated within the entire value chain process, including important areas such as investment compliance.

Our client Bank Austria manages the largest Austrian real-estate fund in terms of volume so we have also incorporated this asset category into our fund administration solution across all processes. Special topics such as loans had to be taken into consideration as well. In the meantime, our system covers all kinds of loan receivables. Interest payments are processed and accrued within daily NAV calculations and incorporated in the respective reports.

In addition to classical fund administration, DIAMOS covers the non-UCITS domain with a dedicated product which supports the management of share and shareholder registries of closed-end funds. The software solution DIAMOS-CeF was developed in coordination with our client Commerz Real. It supports the entire product life cycle of a closed-end fund with comprehensive asset type coverage such as real-estate, ship, aircraft and container funds as well as energy funds – including prominent renewable energies through wind turbines and solar power plants. Leasing and private equity funds are supported as well.

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