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The market for open and closed-end investments has increasingly converged over recent years. Boundaries between the two worlds are softening and becoming more flexible. Market demands are changing accordingly and with it the requirements for supporting systems.

Market participants – independent of the managed asset class – face essential challenges which need to be solved:

  • harmonization of system landscapes, automation of manual processes and mitigation of operational risks
  • the need to meet increasing requirements to a modern and professional Reporting and to ensure the comparability of KPI’s
  • provision of a quickly available overview as a reliable decision base

DIAMOS-AI as a central solution for the management of alternative investments allows for different perspectives on uniform data; it can be used independent of investment structures and creates comprehensive workflows – including front-to-back.


DIAMOS-AI has been developed with agile methodology to ensure a flexible response to client and market requirements and implement them at short notice. The solution's first development phase focuses on real estate as an asset, and all its specific features with regard to the management of real estate.


The following solutions are currently available:

  • DIAMOS-AI for institutional investors
    • management of alternative investments for investors
  • DIAMOS-AI for asset manager
    • administration of funds and fund of funds with target investments in various asset classes and shareholding structures
  • DIAMOS-AI for real estate manager
    • administration and management of real estate with all specific characteristics

Solutions are aimed at capital management companies, portfolio managers, investment platforms, general partners and limited partners.


Custom-made service packages compliment our product offer and grant you the opportunity to transfer the operating system and your desired services to DIAMOS' certified data centre.


Find out more details about the individual components of DIAMOS-AI.

DIAMOS-AI is the solution for digitising the data exchange between an investor and his/her asset managers. In addition to the transfer and central storage of documents, it includes offering standardised interfaces for capital flows (calls and distributions), forecast data, allocation data, as well as data relevant for the regulatory reporting of funds. Furthermore, DIAMOS-AI provides the investor with a uniform database for a wide range of cross-departmental processes.

For institutional investors, DIAMOS-AI offers the following features:


  • supported asset classes include real estate, private equity, private debt, infrastructure, aviation and renewables
  • investments into target funds and fund-of-funds, as well as co-investments


  • portfolio look-through up to the level of target investments
  • comprehensive system of financial indicators for the supervision of portfolio-related risks (e.g. regional distribution and leaseholder concentration)
  • review of performance indicators supplied by asset managers (e.g. IRR, DPI, RVPI, TVPI)
  • evaluation of risks in order to determine the risk-bearing capacity (market, leverage, foreign currency and real estate risks)
  • planning of portfolio risk structure taking into consideration planned acquisitions and sales, i.e. planned capital calls


  • planning of tied-up capital taking into consideration planned capital calls and repayments
  • review of individual utilisation-limits per fund, or for the whole investor portfolio


  • up-to-date overview of subscribed funds, capital calls carried out, uncalled capital commitments and distributions
  • validation of capital calls against uncalled capital commitments or recoverable distributions
  • forecast of predicted fund outflows/inflows and distributions for liquidity planning by the investor


  • import, aggregation and preparation of relevant regulatory data (e.g. deductible equity capital items, anti-cyclical capital buffers, foreign currency exposure, CVA-risk-charge, or large exposures) for further processing in the investor's overall reporting system


  • standardised import interfaces for capital calls, distributions, share values, forecast data, relevant reporting data, as well as financial and allocation data (in .csv / .xml)
  • comprehensive support of BVI-standards for data exchange between real estate target funds and fund-of-funds


  • keeping  track of ongoing and impending processes at all times
  • transparent long-term documentation of closed processes, up-to-date and accessible at any time
  • mapping of individual processes (e.g. due-diligence process for acquisition of new funds/targets and regular auditing of delivered quarterly and annual reports of investments)


  • scanning of documents via interfaces or automated retrieval from investor portals of asset managers
  • automated meta data for indexing of documents
  • flexible document search
  • long-term archiving (PDF/A3)
  • versioning and historic record keeping

DIAMOS-AI supports a fully transparent look-through approach from the investor to each target investment. Hence institutional investors can be provided with information regarding their share in funds and assets. Furthermore the system offers  an up-to-date overview of claims and liabilities of the fund towards investors and vice versa.

For asset managers DIAMOS-AI offers the following features:

Representation of complex investment structures e.g.

  • Funds and fund of funds
  • Limited Partnerships and compartments
  • Co-investments
  • Carry-vehicles

Management of investors‘ capital commitments

  • Capital commitments of an investor for one or more capital slices / share classes
  • Linking of capital commitments to specific assets

Performing capital calls

  • Automated allocation of the drawdown amount to each investor
  • Configurable intended purposes for the drawdown amount
  • Execute several intended purposes with one capital call
  • Consideration of investors’ excuse rights
  • Automated routing of capital calls of a fund to fund of fund investors
  • Automated generation of capital call notices
  • Simulation of drawdown cash flows with respect to investors‘ individual payment deadlines

Performing distributions to investors

  • Distributions with or without incentive structures (distribution waterfall)
  • Link distributions to a fund or to a specific asset  (European and American distribution waterfall)
  • Automated generation of distribution notices

Reporting and KPI’s on a fund-, asset- or investor-level

  • investor reporting according to ILPA / Invest Europe Standard

Fact-Sheet about fund performance and asset allocation

  • Calculation of gross- and net-IRR (on fund- or investor-level)
  • Calculation of distributions to Paid in Capital (DPI), Residual Value to Paid in Capital (RVPI) and Total Value to Paid in Capital (TVPI)

With regard to stategic decisions concerning real estate acquisitions or capital expenditures it is crucial to asset managers getting a quick and reliable overview of relevant data. DIAMOS-AI provides this feature and further allows for meaningful forecasts based on individual assumptions.

For real estate fund managers an easy but comprehensive way to manage and control investments is essential. DIAMOS-AI offers the solution in one system – streamlined processed and flexible investor reporting.

For asset manager offers DIAMOS-AI the following features:

Comprehensive contractual framework

  • rental agreement
  • sales agreement
  • financing agreement
  • service agreement

Overview of the most important aspects of rental agreements

  • amendment and flexible adaptation of rental spaces
  • wide range of contract conditions (e.g. rent, pre-payment of ancillary costs & flat-rates) for entire agreement or individual rental spaces
  • rental collateral (esp. incoming and outgoing payments for deposits and guarantees)
  • mapping of termination and renewal options, as well as fixed contract terms
  • flexibly configurable payment frequencies, maturities and terms, sales reports and statistics for sales-based rent agreements

Support for the most common term adjustment processes

  • graduated rental agreements
  • indexing of rental terms & deposits (percentage adjustment & adjustment on fixed dates)

Creation of accounting instructions (debit positions) based on rental agreement data

  • standing debit positions (e.g. rent, advanced payments of ancillary costs)
  • once-off debit positions (e.g. deposits, indexing and billing results)
  • presentation of correctly accounted for rent reductions (rent reduction & rent-free periods)
  • automatic determination of imputed vacancy costs, release & export to a linked accountancy system

Management of market value appraisals

  • supervision of evaluation cycle
  • insight into essential evaluation data
  • recognition of overrent and underrent situations

Audit and supervision of loan-related financial covenants

  • Loan-to-Value Ratio (LTV)
  • Interest Service Cover Ratio (ISCR) & Debt Service Cover Ratio (DSCR)

Portfolio presentation

  • free assembly of real estate properties to portfolios
  • segmentation of portfolios into sub-portfolios (e.g. according to region, types of use and asset managers
  • creation of comparative portfolios (comparison of key risk and performance indicators)

Forcasting based on individual planning assumptions

  • planning assumptions on level of actual property and portfolio
  • aggregation of real estate planning for portfolio planning
  • forecasting of rental income
  • forecasting of management and maintenance costs
  • forecasting of market values (ImmoWertV)
  • forecasting of interest charges

Industry characteristic KPIs

  • KPIs on actual property and portfolio level
  • configuration options for BVI compliant calculations of ratios
  • occupancy and vacancy rates
  • remaining terms of rental agreements (WAULT)
  • analysis of vacancy periods, portfolio concentration (according to type of property use, countries and age structure)
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