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The regulation of closed-end funds is moving into high gear

With the draft act to reform the laws governing so-called “grey market products” in April 2011, the German cabinet initiated the amendment of the law for investment intermediaries and capital investments (Amendment of “Finanzanlagenvermittler- und Vermögensanlagenrechts“ / “FinAnlVerm- u. VermAnlG”). In order to strengthen investor protection, this reform calls for increased accuracy of product information on closed-end funds and other capital investments. The draft bill aims at enforcing stricter jurisdictions and regulations of investment products and their distribution and is expected to come into effect mid 2012.

Supplementary to this act, the  Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFM) Directive is dealing with providers of closed-end funds. The directive, which has been in preparation for quite a while, came into force on 21 July and must be transposed into national legislation by mid 2013.

The German association of closed-end fund investment companies (VGF) assumes that with the new jurisdiction, consistent conditions apply for the competition with other capital investments.

This means that closed-end fund providers must also be prepared for the resulting challenges: Providing professionalism, quality and transparency to investors and supervisory authorities are gaining more priority than ever.

The right system solution can effectively contribute to mastering these challenges and equip you to meet current and future requirements.

DIAMOS-CeF has been designed to comply with comprehensive regulatory requirements e.g.:

  • Transparency for investors and audit units:
    • All transactions are documented in DIAMOS-CeF to provide complete transparency
    • Required data can be retrieved at all times – through the system as well as through specific analyses and reports
  • High automation with reliable results allow you to concentrate on your core competences and achieve maximum quality
  • Flexible, quick system adaptability through configurations
  • DIAMOS’ expertise with years of experience in implementing investment industry regulatory requirements
  • Professional services – with the option to include data processing center services (ASP / SaaS)
  • Additional information on DIAMOS-CeF
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