Your share and shareholder registry management solution for closed-end funds

Fund managers face increased challenges when dealing with closed-end funds and in particular with mutual funds. Due to the large amount of shares and number of shareholders involved in many mutual funds, tasks by far exceed conceptual design, prospectus publication requirements and fund administration. Manual procedures and Excel-based solutions and workarounds often require increased work force and can lead to operational risks.

DIAMOS-CeF provides new opportunities to support entire closed-end fund life cycles. Through its unique flexibility, the system enables reliable coverage of current and new requirements and regulations such as the AIFM Directive. DIAMOS-CeF helps you set new standards in providing professional, high-quality and transparent services to investors while increasing innovation and building competitive advantage.

  • Domestic and foreign real-estate funds incl. closed US-real-estate funds with foreign tax service
  • Private equity funds / leasing funds / ship funds / aircraft funds / container funds / media funds / energy funds including solar, wind energy, other renewable energy sources
  • Supports complex fund concepts: fund of funds, tax optimized loan products

Efficient support for fund promoters, asset management companies, investment trusts, distributors for the entire life cycle of closed-end funds:

  • Fund conception
  • Placement / Subscription
  • Distributor services / Commissioning
  • Administration of investor static data and share information
  • Distributions in all currencies with automated settlement / payment to domestic and foreign accounts
  • Shareholder meetings (DIAMOS-F supports presence and circulation procedures)
  • Regulatory and company-specific analysis and reports
  • Correspondence with investors, distributors, tax authorities etc.
  • Share transfers
  • Liquidation at the end of a fund´s maturity
  • Flexible coverage of complex distribution structures and partner agreements
  • Individual commission models
  • Automated settlement per distribution hierarchies
  • Commission status is displayed according to subscription status on distributor level
  • Trailer fee calculations
  • Premium and commissions are displayed on investor level
  • Automated fee and premium collection
  • Automated distributor notifications at pre-definable times or events, e.g. prior to distributions
  • Automated transmittal of secondary market transactions
  • Highly automated payment transactions for shareholder equity payments, distributions, returns, return debit notes, and other types of payment
  • Administration of unsettled transactions, reminders
  • Reliable import of account statement data
  • Multi-currency capability including automated determination and booking of respective foreign exchanges
  • SEPA direct debiting as standard pan-European procedure
  • Country-specific domestic procedures (e.g. DTA)
  • Capital accounting methods for equity deposits, withdrawals, other types of deposits, profits and losses and withholding tax
  • Administration of fiscal capital accounts according to §15a EStG
  • Flexible analysis of accounts on share, shareholder and/or company level
  • Distributions in any currency
  • Automated settlement of fees and expenses
  • Individual allocation possibilities for income and result types depending on underlying fund concept
  • Automated fiscal statement of operations and tax allocations incl. reporting to tax authorities
  • Comprehensive differentiation between business and personal asset concepts and corresponding fiscal consequences
  • Reliable support through regular system adjustments to new tax regulations
  • Subscription form administration for individual processes and organizational structures
  • User-friendly quick-entry screens for manual entries
  • Automated text recognition through an OCR-component for quick and reliable digitalization and data import e.g. for subscription forms, shareholder meeting resolutions per circulation
  • Electronic access to digital documents ( e.g. subscription forms)
  • Automated sending of personalized letters and emails at pre-definable times and events
  • Targeted support for investor-based communication:
    • Coordinated, up-to-date contents
    • Professional layout
    • Design aligned with corporate-identity
  • Customizable control functions (4-eyes principle)
  • Individual user and rights management
  • Secure, transparent investor and shareholder data management
  • Data storage with complete history:
    • Transaction log file
    • Required information can be retrieved at all times
  • Share transfers – e.g. inheritances, testamentary gifts, secondary market
  • Automated transcription of master data  and share data along with respective capital accounts and settlement accounts including supplementary balance sheets
  • Efficient implementation, rapid deployment and quick return-on-investment thanks to:
    • Flexibly integratable system architecture
    • Standard configurations, which facilitate initial parameterization
  • Future-proof investment security due to the consequent use of established open standards
  • Individually licensable, scalable as and when required to fit your needs and those of your IT-environment

DIAMOS CeF is based on the DIAMOS system platform, which provides significant benefits that are available as basic functionalities. These include i.e.:

  • State of the art, future-proof system architecture with maximum security standards
  • Transaction-based workflow management with real-time processing
  • Multi-client and multi-lingual capabilities
  • Central data management across all products
  • 24/7 availability
  • Enhanced definable user-rights concept
  • Additional benefits...
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Case example

DIAMOS-CeF at Commerz Real Fonds Beteiligungsgesellschaft:

Commerz Real Fonds Beteiligungsgesellschaft is one of Germany´s leading fund promoters. In 2010, CFB managed equity worth 5.1 billion Euros on behalf of about 71,000 shareholders who held a total of over 140,000 participations. DIAMOS-CeF efficienty supports the management of these shares and shareholder registries with automated workflows along the entire life cycle of their closed-end funds. This takes places as ASP in the DIAMOS data processing center.

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