Our integrated solution for your transfer agency business

DIAMOS-D is a transfer agency solution and the leading retail investor account management application in Germany. From order management to record keeping, comprehensive regulatory and individual reporting, DIAMOS-D provides you with the system support you need for your transfer agency business processes.

The modular system architecture allows you to adapt DIAMOS-D precisely according to your needs. This way you can accommodate the specific requirements of your investors, clients and distribution partners in the best way possible. Functionalities are flexibly designed and continuously upgraded to meet the regulatory requirements of multiple markets and jurisdictions.

The implementation of DIAMOS-D and subsequent function enhancements can be handled quickly and easily thanks to our single database approach: The DIAMOS system platform, the core of our entire product suite with its fully integrated architecture and modular components for various business functions. With DIAMOS-D you automatically benefit from all the advantages of an integrated solution - Automated STP workflows enable optimized performance and maximum efficiency, especially when handling a large number of accounts.

Our customized service packages enable you to streamline your system operations and desired services through the certified DIAMOS data processing center.

Learn more about DIAMOS-D modules and the numerous basic functionalities that are automatically included in the system platform, regardless of the scope of functions you choose.

  • Comprehensive product coverage
  • Administration of clients & investment accounts
  • Efficient transaction management / Accounting
  • Reliable quality control
  • Automated tax processing
  • Fee, commission and rebate schemes
  • SEPA: Automated payment transactions & foreign exchange transactions
  • Comprehensive legal and client reporting
  • Optimized user interface / Efficient support for large quantities of data
  • Completely audit proof, sophisticated control functionalities
  • Additional information on DIAMOS RecordKeeping

DIAMOS-D provides a wide range of components for successful investment growth which can be combined in a single account:

  • Coverage of proprietary funds and third-party funds – including e.g. security funds, real-estate funds, hedge funds, maturity funds, funds with specific cut-off times / settlement dates
  • Coverage of savings plans, lump sums, distribution types (incl. payments of dividends in cash, reinvestments)
  • Special products such as
    • Savings annuity plan
    • Private pension schemes (e.g. German "Riester" products)
    • Fund-based asset management
  • Fully integrated cash account
  • Additional information on our DIAMOS-D components
  • Coverage of all complex distribution structures and partner agreements
  • System support for third-party fund distribution
  • Commission management, automated settlement according to sales hierarchies, upfront fees
  • Automated distributor notifications at pre-definable times or events
  • Account information via internet with all relevant account information (e.g. holdings, tax allowance certificate, current transactions)

DIAMOS-D provides additional efficiency-enhancing components incl.

  • Intuitive entry screens and user guided processes
  • Comprehensive search and filter functionalities
  • Mouse and keyboard entries supported
  • Transaction-based workflow management to avoid time-consuming batch-processing
  • Essentially reduces processing time, even for complex processes (e.g. distributions)
  • 24/7 system availability enables flexible operating times / working stations and individually definable user access rights
  • Comprehensive user guides and system documentation

Our financial industry experts collaborate closely with asset management associations (e.g. BVI) in order to ensure reliable implementation of regulatory requirements (e.g. MiFID, OGAW V / UCITS V, AIFMD, FATCA).

  • Audit-proof, transaction-based data storage with complete history
  • Transparent display of all transactions
  • Secure access for audit and tax audit authorities
  • Precise access control thanks to elaborate user-rights-concept
  • Individually licensable functionalities and components
  • Flexible scalability to support high transaction volumes
  • Multi-client capability
  • Global access (24/7 availability, global system access, multi-currency, multi-lingual)
  • Definable groups of users such as administration, sales, call centers
  • Granular user-rights management
  • Flexibly configurable interfaces and web services enable easy integration into existing systems such as order routing and core banking systems)
  • Optimized interaction with Microsoft Office programs
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Case example

DIAMOS-D at Fondsdepot Bank:

Fondsdepot Bank, an enterprise partnership of Xchanging  plc, is Germany´s leading independent service provider for investment account administration. DIAMOS-D supports the administration of the diverse portfolio, which includes i.e. over 7,000 investment funds and many innovative product concepts. Fondsdepot Bank also uses DIAMOS CashAccount to further enhance its portfolio of services.

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