Individual components for a customized range of services

Modules & components for additional functionalities

DIAMOS-D provides a wide range of products which can be combined in a single account. In addition to this, a fully integrated cash account is available.

DIAMOS RecordKeeping includes a wide range of products:

  • Lump sums
  • Savings plans, withdrawal plans, switch plans, barrier plans, unit transfers
  • Distribution types (incl. payments of dividends in cash, reinvestments, switch distributions)
  • Automated handling of payments from fund transactions
  • Multi-currency cash account
  • Interest payments
  • Lombard loan
  • Real-time account information available at all times
  • Consolidated tax reporting
  • Seamless integration with DIAMOS-D and other custodian bank systems
  • Additional information on DIAMOS-CashAccount

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  • Definition of investment strategies in model portfolios (strategic and tactic asset allocation)
  • Allocation of client accounts to a model portfolio
  • Automated allocation of deposits and redemptions based on distribution keys
  • Reallocations due to restructuring of model portfolio or price variations
  • Supports life cycle investment strategies
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