More efficiency – based on your unique requirements

Further process enhancements for your transfer agency business

In addition to DIAMOS RecordKeeping, DIAMOS-D provides efficiency-enhancing components to facilitate
and optimize your transfer agency processes:

  • Covers standard and customized remuneration types including trailer fees, retrocessions, subscription and redemption fees, fund advisor fees
  • Flexible rule engine with standard templates for calculations (formulas and algorithms)
  • Automated calculation of receivables or payables fees
  • Billing and revenue management incl. simulations
  • Additional information on DIAMOS CommissionManagement
  • Automated reconciliation of omnibus accounts against investment certificates administrated by depositories
  • Identifies differences on total holdings level and single order level
  • Standard charts of accounts available for trustee accounting (customizable configuration options)
  • Automated reconciliation of ledger accounts such as fiduciary accounts and  trustee deposit facilities (transactions, payments, bulk orders)
  • Unsettled transactions are displayed
  • Generation of payment transactions via accounts and accounting rules
  • Control functionalities to prevent accounting errors and duplicate bookings

Comprehensive data management with interfaces to various data providers such as WM Datenservice and SIX - i.e.: static data, distribution lists

DIAMOS-D incorporates OpenText (StreamServe), a state-of-the-art output management system which supports seamless communication with investors and distribution partners.

  • Account statements and year-end account statements
  • Different output file formats such as PDF, XML, PCL, TIFF, etc.
  • Efficient processing, especially for  large quantities of data
  • Design aligned with corporate-identity
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