Modular DIAMOS Solutions

Minimum effort. Maximum results.

Many software providers offer modular products within their portfolio. They enable the selection of individual functional packages based on specific needs.

DIAMOS takes it a step further: Our modular solutions can be individually licensed
and used as stand-alone products, allowing you to

Implementing a modular DIAMOS solution is simple, does not involve huge project efforts and existing system architecture does not have to be replaced. Instead our DIAMOS modules empower you to optimize targeted, individual operations in a very easy manner.



Would you like to be prepared for future process improvements?
So DIAMOS has your solution.

This is achieved through the DIAMOS system platform, the core of our entire product portfolio. The platform is fully compatible with your IT-environment and allows quick and easy integration. In contrast to other best-of-breed solutions, all DIAMOS products benefit from the platform's consistent architecture with central data management across all modules. Functionalities are flexibly scalable and can be added as required, without the need for additional resources, IT-infrastructure or databases.

Additionally DIAMOS provides expert anylysis, consulting, integration and support services. Our comprehensive ASP and SaaS services enable you to streamline your operations securely, time and cost effectively through our ISAE 3402 certified DIAMOS data processing center.

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