DIAMOS CashAccount

Cash account to enhance your functionality spectrum

DIAMOS CashAccount is an additional tool designed to facilitate your operational processes and provide your sales partners and investors with a range of benefits.

  • Transparent presentation of liquid assets for enhanced advisory services and investment strategies
  • Additional range of products and special functionalities such as the Lombard loan supports acquisition of new clients
  • Improved commission models to enhance revenue management
  • Cash account functionalities as an additional tool for efficient asset management
  • Multi-currency account management
  • Direct fixing of value dates: Head start over "detours" via external accounts
  • Interest paid on credit balances
  • Consolidated (tax) reporting for maximum transparency
  • Specialized credit options for improved liquidity (Lombard loan)
  • DIAMOS CashAccount incorporates two sub accounts:
    • Settlement account: interest-bearing Euro account
    • Foreign currency account: held in selected currency
  • Automated payment transactions between investment account, settlement account / foreign currency account and reference account (usually investor´s checking account)
  • Value date and cash booking are processed separately

In combination with shareholder recordkeeping systems (e.g. DIAMOS RecordKeeping), DIAMOS CashAccount provides consolidated tax processing which is compliant with the final withholding tax including:

  • Administration of tax pools and tax allowance certificates
  • Consolidated annual tax certificate
  • Facilitates final withholding tax processes (tax refunds)

The Lombard loan functionality within DIAMOS CashAccount enables lending through the pledging of securities as collateral.

DIAMOS CashAccount provides multiple options for loan collateralizations:

  • Different options for the use of granted loan: e.g. for personal acquisitions and/or pre-financing of security transactions
  • Fixed-term and unlimited loan contracts possible
  • Flexible collateral options through pledging of shares from accounts or from single holdings
  • System-based risk control:
    • Maximum lending amounts can be defined
    • Proven algorithms for defining personal credit lines
    • Credit limit checks on lent assets

In combination with shareholder recordkeeping systems (e.g. DIAMOS RecordKeeping), DIAMOS CashAccount provides consolidated (regulatory) reporting:

  • Consolidated annual tax certificate
  • Comprehensive, country-specific regulatory reporting (e.g. Capital Gains Tax, "ZIV", "BaFin-Meldung")
  • Simultaneous account statement generation and distribution
  • Optimized reporting and client correspondence
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