DIAMOS CommissionManagement

Your solution for commission management, revenue management &
sales controlling

Managing sales agreements, calculating commissions and administrating billing and revenues are particularly work-intensive, complex tasks in investment business. Distribution is a critical success factor and precise, transparent and prompt commission calculation play a key role in supporting successful business operations.

DIAMOS CommissionManagement provides a secure and competent solution for your distribution processes. Whether you are a fund manager, asset manager, fund supermarket / distributor, (direct- / transaction-) banks, transfer agency or another type of service provider – DIAMOS provides the solution for your individual business requirements.

DIAMOS CommissionManagement supports a broad range of remuneration types, i.e.

  • Trailer Fees / Retrocessions
  • Subscription / Redemption Fees
  • Fund Advisor fees
  • Private label fees
  • Finders fees
  • Upfront fees
  • Transaction fees
  • Fiduciary fees
  • Deferred Sales fees
  • Additional functionality to create customized remuneration types
  • Quick initial configuration through
    • Comprehensive set of standard formulas and calculation templates
    • Baseline setup for various remuneration types
    • Definition of comprehensive partner and fund static data
  • Customized remuneration types can be defined through an intuitive formula editor
  • Fully automated data import from different data providers such as fund accounting systems, banking systems, clearing institutions, self declarations, master data suppliers and price feeds
  • Automated output management in specified formats i.e. for financial accounting, payment systems, contract partners, management
  • Automated generation of payment transactions in country specific formats (DTA, SEPA) with entry options for individual payment instructions
  • Flexible distribution and allocation schemes
    • Allocation of holdings, transactions and calculated commissions
    • Allocation to debtors and/or beneficiaries according to defied distribution keys
  • Automated reconciliation of payments and holdings
  • Automated calculation of receivables or payables fees
  • Calculation of respective VAT obligations with country-specific tax rates
  • Billing and revenue management incl. simulations
  • Intuitive entry screens and user guided processes
  • Extensive support for manual data entry for self-declared data, partner and contract data
  • Comprehensive search and filter functionalities to facilitate navigation of data and calculated results
  • Transparent overview of all current and historic calculations and movements
  • MiFID compliant
  • Audit proof data storage with complete history
  • Optimized support for post processing accounting and payment systems
  • Sales controlling on partner and product level incl. simulations
  • Customized reports available on demand
  • Remuneration information can be directly retrieved as and when required across departments
  • Efficient implementation, rapid deployment and quick return-on-investment thanks to:
    • Flexible system architecture integration
    • Standard configurations, which facilitate initial parameterization
  • Future-proof investment security due to the consequent use of established open standards
  • Individually licensable, scalable as and when required to fit your needs and those of your IT-environment

DIAMOS CommissionManagement is based on the DIAMOS system platform which provides significant benefits that are available as basic functionalities. These include i.e.:

  • State of the art, future-proof system architecture with maximum security standards
  • Transaction-based workflow management with real-time processing
  • Multi-client and multi-lingual capabilities
  • Data management across all products
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Enhanced definable user-rights concept
  • Additional benefits...

We provide expert consulting, integration and support services. We also offer comprehensive technical and functional support services enabling you to streamline your operations time and cost effectively through our certified DIAMOS data processing center.

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Case example

DIAMOS CommissionManagement supports the DMFSA initiative:

Our DIAMOS experts have been following the development of the DMFSA guidelines right from the start.

DIAMOS actively supports all trends and standards relevant to the investment industry e.g. SWIFT (Funds), EFCF, IBEI

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