DIAMOS FeeManagement

Your solution for reliable fee & transaction cost management

DIAMOS FeeManagement is the software solution for an automated and audit-proof administration of fees and transaction costs.

Fee management is a particularly complex task in investment business. Due to the high quantity of transactions the calculation and analyzing of transaction costs often requires a lot of resources and can imply significant operational risks.

DIAMOS FeeManagement fundamentally simplifies and optimizes these processes. Fully automated, the system performs precise calculations for various types of fees – including performance fees – and can be used in combination with fund accounting, data providers and third party systems.

Manage your fees & costs according to your precise needs: functionalities are flexibly expandable and scalable always allowing you to adapt DIAMOS FeeManagement to your individual processes and different business models.

  • DIAMOS FeeManagement supports a broad range of fee types, i.e. performance fees, administration fees, custody fees / trustee fees
  • Flexibly configurable equalization methods
  • Coverage of market/country specific standards and regulations (e.g. German "BaFin Musterkostenklauseln")
  • Highly performant with more than 50 calculations per second
  • Precise reconciliation between imported and self calculated transaction cost data
  • Flexible support of new market requirements – e.g. concerning the Financial Transaction Tax (FTT)
  • Quick initialization through comprehensive set of standard formulas/algorithms, baseline setup for various fee and cost models
  • Fund specific percentages can be defined in fund master data
  • Standard fee/cost types such as settlement fees, security contract note fees, broker fees can be individually enhanced
  • Formula editor with high usability enables defining new models with little effort
  • Even complex calculations can be fully automated – results will be provided at any time and event defined by the user
  • Automated usage of fund specific calculation methods such as cumulative high water mark and loss carry-forward
  • Individually configurable conditions to define whether a fee will be calculated (automatically)
  • Automated calculation of respective VAT obligations with country-specific tax rates
  • Automated data import from various sources – e.g. (fund) accounting systems, master data suppliers and price feeds
  • Automated output management in the required format – e.g. for fund accounting, financial accounting, subsequent payments transactions
  • Automated generation of payment transactions in country-specific formats (SEPA) with entry options for individual payment instructions
  • Fee allocation to recipients and payers using special distribution keys
  • Comprehensive administration of all account deatails (IBAN, BIC, etc.)
  • Intuitive entry screens and user guided processes
  • Comprehensive search and filter functionalities to facilitate navigation of data and calculated results
  • Audit proof data storage with complete history
  • Customized reports are available on demand
  • Remuneration information can be directly retrieved as and when required across departments
  • DIAMOS FeeManagement is based on the DIAMOS system platform that provides a flexible architecture with highly configurable interfaces. It allows efficient system integration and functional scalability according to your individual needs. At any time you can use the comprehensive basic functionalities of the platform such as multi-lingual/ multi-currency capabilities and 24/7 system availability.
  • Seamless connectivity to all standard (fund accounting) systems
  • Providing of client approved “ready to use“ standard configuration
  • Future-proof due to the consistent use of established open standards

You can optimize your fee management processes flexibly through additional functionalities such as:

  • DIAMOS FundAccounting: Our module for transaction-based real-time accounting and position keeping, which includes the entire scope of DIAMOS FeeManagement functionalities.
  • DIAMOS CommissionManagement: Automated and efficient commission management, revenue management and sales controlling
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Case example

DIAMOS FeeManagement at
Metzler Investment GmbH:

Metzler Investment uses DIAMOS FeeManagement to optimize its fee management tasks in combination with a third party fund accounting solution.

Metzler's granular fee concept contains several hundreds of fee definitions.

The performance fee functionality enables Metzler to significantly simplify and expedite settlements of complex performance-related fees.

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