DIAMOS OrderManagement

Automated order managment with optimum security

DIAMOS OrderManagement is the software solution for secure and efficient trade processes.

Trading business is experiencing increased requirements. Speed, transparency and security are key factors which significantly impact the success of investment strategies. The requirements of handling trading processes are equally increasing – on the one hand through the segmentation of the value chain, on the other hand through the growing number of business partners involved.

DIAMOS OrderManagement provides workflow-based automation, essentially improved productivity and process quality while reducing the effort, costs and operational risk associated with time-consuming and error-prone manual activities and workarounds. The solution is highly flexible and supports the individual requirements of different processes and business models.

  • 24/7 availability: Worldwide access across all time zones
  • Controlled access: User access rights are granularly definable
  • Direct access to system without having to use terminal servers
  • Access to central order book which lists all trades and statuses
  • DIAMOS MobileApp that provides order management functionalities via smartphone or tablet
  • Supports all standard order types
    • Single orders, bulk orders, basket orders
    • Futures rollover: Automated closing and reopening of a future with extended duration
  • Order validity: Fill-or-kill, Good-for-a-day, Good-till-cancel etc.
  • Order types: Limit, market, stop, stoplimit etc.
  • Processes various types of transactions such as:
    • Financial instruments with domestic and foreign securities
    • (OTC) derivatives / swaps, foreign exchange and money market transactions
    • Structured products
    • Alternative investments such as commodities, (fund of funds) hedge funds
  • The integration of various data providers enables quick entry of new assets
  • Automated order import from portfolio management systems
  • Direct order import / export from / to MS-Excel: Seamless integration of fund manager Excel sheets
  • Risk management through enhanced pre-trade check and order simulation
  • Ad-hoc valuations including pending orders and real / near time prices
  • Asset managers can comment on limit breaches
  • Security transactions can be quickly and reliably matched against broker and/or settlement confirmations
  • Order routing via standard interfaces
  • Automated exchange between all involved systems – e.g. fund accounting, portfolio management
  • Capable of processing all standard interface formats such as SWIFT, FIX, XML, CSV, TXT, Fixed Length, databases, Word documents, Excel files (e.g. BVI Excel), PDF, TIFF and graphic formats
  • Automatic notifications per email for various events, e.g. – notification in case of incorrect data
  • Considers all accounting entries for pre-trade checks
  • Ad-hoc valuations based on real / near time price feeds facilitate decision-making processes
  • Trade verification based on market prices
  • Quick and seamless booking of executed trades
  • Ongoing status monitoring
  • Audit-proof data storage
  • Audit-trail with complete history
  • DIAMOS OrderManagement is based on our DIAMOS system platform that provides a flexible architecture with highly configurable interfaces. It allows efficient system integration and functional scalability according to your individual needs. At any time you can use the comprehensive basic functionalities of the platform such as multi-lingual/ multi-currency capabilities and 24/7 system availability.
  • Seamless connectivity to all standard (fund accounting) systems
  • Future-proof due to the consistent use of established open standards

You can optimize your order management processes flexibly through additional functionalities such as:

  • DIAMOS Reconciliation: Automated reconciliation of account transactions and holdings
  • DIAMOS FeeManagement: Transaction cost analysis for maximum control of calculated broker and custodian bank fees against delivered transaction costs
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Case example

DIAMOS OrderManagement at HANSAINVEST Hanseatische Investment GmbH:

As a "Service-KVG", HANSAINVEST provides all types of administrative services to external asset managers and fund managers. These external business partners can use centrally available DIAMOS functionalities such as pre-trade checks through direct access to the DIAMOS OrderManagement system. The access is precisely controllable by the DIAMOS user rights management. To benefit from this service there is no need for additional terminal servers.

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