DIAMOS CaseManagement

Your comprehensive process administration

DIAMOS CaseManagement supports both management and administration in consistently capturing, processing, monitoring and reporting all types of business transactions.

The functional use cases presented in DIAMOS solutions are generally placed in a context of preceding or following processes, in which work outputs, information and data are prepared, coordinated, enriched and controlled. With DIAMOS CaseManagement the processing of core functional tasks is embedded in a comprehensive workflow management. Transactions can be handled jointly by different users and organisational units who are able to exchange documents and all kinds of information. They can add comments and also structure their workflow ad hoc or along predefined rules.

  • Automated or user controlled creation of cases
  • Assignment of employees or organisational units to different roles
  • The option to add comments in order to document case status and to communicate with all parties involved
  • Utilization of user defined text modules
  • Structured case description: classification, status, completion date, severity of an incident
  • Comprehensive documentation of case history
  • Automated actions and event-driven case updates
  • Standard reports on individual processes or process lists
  • Efficient bulk processing
  • Planned additional features include functionalities such as Business Process Management (BPM) software, management dashboards as well as supporting larger organisations with regard to stand-in rules and follow-the-sun workflows.

New cases can be created either manually via the context menu or automatically by backend services. By using the context menu, users can retrieve information about the current case status, adopt a certain role in the case handling, and add a comment or set a deadline. It is also possible to switch directly to the DIAMOS CaseManagement user interface at any time, in order to view and handle the current case.

DIAMOS CaseManagement also makes available information on the original DIAMOS data objects linked to a case. Users can also switch from CaseManagement to the functional use case that allows the processing of the original data.

In addition to the available integration within DIAMOS Reconciliation, it is planned to fully extend interlinkages with DIAMOS use cases.

By using DIAMOS Reconciliation for the reconciliation of holdings, a user can create a case regarding a single recon position, or the overall reconciliation result. Fund number, reconciliation date and the attributes of the recon result or the recon position, will be bundled into a meaningful case description. When clearing the open positions, every single step is subsequently captured and documented in DIAMOS CaseManagement.

The same functionality is available for reconciliation of cash, transactions and NAV.

DIAMOS CaseManagement can be used to manage business transactions in any functional context. The configuration tools supplied by DIAMOS hereby help to adjust the case management along the organizational framework. Among others, the following configuration options are available:

  • Specifying a value list for user defined fields
  • Defining and saving your own search filters
  • Adding new case attributes and integrating new fields into the case management user interface
  • Expanding the case classification. New types could be added at any time.
  • Configuring the colour markings of cases
  • Creating rules for the automatization of case handling
  • The DIAMOS solutions are based on our proven DIAMOS system plattform, with a flexible architecture and configurable interfaces. This speeds up system integration and allows functional scalability at any time. Basic functions - such as multi-lingual/multi-currency capabilities and 24/7 system accessibility - are available at any time.
  • Short implementation periods ensured by tested procedures from our system integration experts
  • System development includes "ready to use" standard configuration
  • Future-proof investment that consistently employs established open standards
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Your benefits

DIAMOS CaseManagement - Your benefits at a glance:

  • Controlled handling, tracking and documentation of business transactions
  • Inter organisational cooperation between users and units in different roles
  • Full integration into the DIAMOS product world
  • User customisation options

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