DIAMOS Reconciliation

Automated reconciliation and validation for your investment processes

DIAMOS Reconciliation was designed to simplify and optimize the steadily increasing reconciliation and validation processes between business partners such as Investment (management) companies and depositories / custodians.

It can provide functionalities for the reconciliation of holdings, reconciliation of cash accounts and transactions, depository reconciliation, counterparty exposure reconciliation, NAV validation and data validation.

Workflow-based automation replaces time-consuming manual tasks and error-prone "workarounds" for essential improvements in process quality and maximum reconciliation rates.

Supports various types of reconciliation and validation processes through components which can be used and licensed individually or as one integrated solution:

  • Reconciliation of holdings for all asset classes
  • Reconciliation of cash accounts and transactions (e.g. using SWIFT MT 940)
  • Depository reconciliation for reconciliations of omnibus accounts against investment certificates administrated by depositories
  • Counterparty exposure reconciliation to support credit risk and collateral management
  • NAV validation which takes holdings, transactions, outstanding shares and benchmarks into consideration
  • Data validation to control data consistencies and control other fund accounting data (e.g. validation of market prices, use of foreign exchange rates)
  • Administration of reconciliation routines through a flexible rule engine
  • Configurable data interfaces
  • Customizable view of reconciliation and validation results
  • Providing of “ready to use” standard configurations
  • Automated data exchange between all involved systems – e.g. fund accounting systems, portfolio management systems, custodian systems, bank systems, payment systems
  • Handling of all standard interface formats such as SWIFT, FIX, XML, CSV, TXT, fixed length, databases, Word documents, Excel files (e.g. BVI Excel), PDF
  • New interfaces can be configured by the user without having to adjust the software -
    DIAMOS can support interface configuration according to your needs
  • Completely automated data import from various sources – e.g. accounting systems, master data and price providers
  • Once the data required for the various valdiation / reconciliation processes has been loaded, it is centrally available for all licensed components
  • Comprehensive reconciliation algorithms for highly accurate electronic matching rates
  • Automatic display of deviations so checks can be performed immediately and quick further processing is enabled
  • Automated generation of matching and validation proposals for inconclusive positions
  • Intuitive user interface and user-guided processes
  • Template-based comment possibilities with free text options and configurable boiler plates
  • Convenient functionalities such as synchronous scrolling and comprehensive filter options
  • Audit-proof data storage with complete history
  • Paperless-review-concept: Reconciliation information can be directly accessed at all times by the invoveld departments
  • Drill downs & drill throughs for fast tracking resolution
  • Consolidated summary of results across all reconciliation types
  • Transparent presentation of reconciliation results per MIS monitoring including dashboard, traffic-light-views, statistics charts for optimized resource planning
  • Customized reports, task lists, etc. are available on demand
  • DIAMOS Reconciliation is based on our DIAMOS system platform that provides a flexible architecture
    with highly configurable interfaces. It allows efficient system integration and functional scalability according to your individual needs. At any time you can use the comprehensive basic functionalities of the platform such as multi-lingual/ multi-currency capabilities and 24/7 system availability.
  • Seamless connectivity to all standard (fund accounting) systems
  • Providing of client approved “ready to use“ standard configuration
  • Future-proof due to the consistent use of established open standards

You can optimize your reconciliation processes flexibly through additional functionalities such as

  • DIAMOS FeeManagement: Transaction cost analysis for maximum control of calculated broker and custodian bank fees against delivered transaction costs
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Case example

DIAMOS Reconciliation at DekaBank:

DIAMOS Reconciliation is used by asset management companies to reconcile the settlement data of their custodians, as well as by custodians to check the plausibility of data supplied by the asset management companies.

DekaBank is one of the largest custodians in Germany. It uses certain components of DIAMOS Reconciliation in order to carry our various control processes with more than ten asset management companies.

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