DIAMOS TransactionManagement

Your solution for efficient & reliable securities transactions

DIAMOS TransactionManagement is the software solution for secure and efficient transaction processes within the investment management business.

Security transactions have increased sharply in both volume and complexity in recent years. At the same time the requirements of handling the processes are also increasing – through the growing number of business partners involved, through the high number of interfaces and interface formats, through the different asset classes as well as through domestic and foreign market requirements.

DIAMOS TransactionManagement is a reliable solution to simplify this increasing complexity for you. From order routing to data validation, data enrichment, order matching and settlement: With DIAMOS TransactionManagement you can optimize performance, security and quality of your process chain.

Use DIAMOS TransactionManagement as an "interface translator" to simplify even the most complicate world of interfaces. Minimize manual processes and media disruptions. Establish efficient transaction processes including high STP rates for your domestic as well as for your foreign business involving your whole asset universe.

  • Automated interfacing between all involved systems – e.g. fund accounting, portfolio management
  • Flexible Data Hub for easy handling of all standard input and output file formats according to individual needs – including SWIFT, FIX, XML, CSV, TXT, fixed length, databases, Word documents, Excel files (e.g. BVI Excel), PDF, TIFF and other graphic formats
  • Custom notification workflows – e.g. e-mail notification in case of incorrect data

Faxes still play a relevant role in daily trade business. DIAMOS TransactionManagement enables quick and
accurate digitalization of fax contents with the help of a trainable OCR component.

  • Seamless connectivity to BDI / SSI databases for efficient entry and maintenance of correct broker dealer and standing settlement instructions
  • Integrated administration and electronic validation of BDIs and SSIs
  • Automated enrichment and mapping with additional details relevant to the transaction – e.g. fund/master data, BDIs, SSIs
  • Integrated management of settlement instructions and rule-based enhancements within transactions
  • Capability to automatically change incoming data into the respective text and number formats required for further processing
  • Calculation based on delivered/enhanced values – e.g. calculation of transaction fees
  • Manual post-editing facilities
  • Highly automated order routing and matching processes, in which any number of security transactions can be quickly and reliably matched against settlement confirmations (broker and / or custodian)
  • Rule-based generation of matching proposals in case of deviations
  • Values retrieved from matched transactions can be applied to the subsequent booking process
  • Automated forwarding of enhanced and matched transactions for seamless and quick settlement and booking processes
  • Manual matching processes are reduced to a minimum, error-prone workarounds are no longer necessary
  • Automated transmission of incoming documents such as faxes, e-mails, etc. to the archiving system
  • Direct access to archived data and display through the “archive-viewer" for efficient support in matching archived data
  • Automated forwarding of archived documents per e-mail
  • Best practice parameterization and ready to use configuration are provided for quick usability
  • Flexible rule engine for individual configuration of screens, processes, data structures, processing rules, etc.
  • Standard and customized data mapping
  • 24/7 system availability: Worldwide access across all time zones without having to use terminal servers
  • Controlled access: User access rights are granularly definable
  • Audit-proof data storage with complete history, including each editing stage
  • DIAMOS TransactionManagement is based on our DIAMOS system platform that provides a flexible architecture with highly configurable interfaces. It allows efficient system integration and functional scalability according to your individual needs. At any time you can use the comprehensive basic functionalities of the platform such as multi-lingual/ multi-currency capabilities and 24/7 system availability.
  • Seamless connectivity to all standard (fund accounting) systems
  • Future-proof due to the consistent use of established open standards

You can optimize your transaction management processes flexibly through additional functionalities such as

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Case example

DIAMOS TransactionManagement at
Union Investment:

DIAMOS TransactionManagement (Middleoffice) was developed in collaboration with our client Union Investment.

Key facts on how the solution impacts Union Investment:

  • Cooperation with about 100 brokers, 30 custodians and numerous “Master KAGs”, external asset managers and advisors
  • Automated control of over 350,000 security orders and settlements per year
  • Through Union Investment´s optimized best-of-breed system architecture and – i.a. DIAMOS TransactionManagement – an outstanding level of automation is achieved:
    About 95% of the transactions are either completely or partially booked on an automated basis.

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