DIAMOS Process Analysis

The DIAMOS consulting service for efficient & sustainable solution concepts

In many cases, simply implementing the right product solution is not enough to successfully meet requirements. When making decisions, it is recommended to analyse the suspected problem, as well as the environment of the potentially affected processes. A complex task – technically and professionally, especially against a background of ever tightening regulatory requirements.

This is precisely why we would like to offer greater support. Our DIAMOS process analysis service delivers invaluable assistance in sustainably classifying and efficiently implementing new requirements.

To meet these challenges, we developed a generic process model, the "DIAMOS Operating Landscape of the Asset Management Value Chain", for asset management / investment companies and custodians / depositories.

It offers a clear presentation of the investment management value chain and, in spite of individual processes, can serve as a basis for supplying user specific solutions.

DIAMOS' process analysis services include for example: 

  • "Legal Entity Identifier" (LEI) / "General Entity Identifier" (GEI)
  • "European Market Infrastructure Regulation" (EMIR)
  • "Trading processes"

DIAMOS' users will find more information on our extranet sites: MyDIAMOS.

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DIAMOS' Operating Landscape

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